A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Source Code: https://github.com/Chickaloo/MissileCommand

This game was made in about a week and a half in Godot 3.1. It's a little rushed, yes. It uses GDScript because C# support is incomplete. Sorry, I was too lazy to make a volume adjust. But you can pause using the Escape key!

Version 2 (This one) is very barebones. Future updates will add, yes, the QOL fixes you're thinking of, as well as many more turret types, colors, and enemies.

Inspiration was taken from various bullet hells for the hittest code. All particles eschew collisionboxes for radial hittesting. It's very optimized and I like it. However, I am unsure of if the scripted version will run faster than the compiled built-in CollisionAreas. Not in my budget to test.

Shoutout to Ciante for helping me produce the lovely audio, and my beloved sister Amy for helping me make sprites. This level of quality would have been frankly impossible without their contributions. All code, many sprites, and some sounds were done by me, excepting: laser sounds (from freesounds.com), and the Upgrade Mode background music by Rolemusic. The licenses on those were free for commercial use, I swear't.

Would you like to contribute? Shoot me a message on github, and I'll happily work with you. There's a lotta stuff to add.


mcv2-windows.zip 55 MB
mcv2-osx.zip 60 MB
mcv2-linux.zip 70 MB